25 April 2005

Irah Jayne's Birthday

Today is Irah Jayne's first birthday. Irah or Bebe is the 16th grandchild of my parents, or my 16th pamangkin. Her parents, Nonoy & Judith, celebrated her birthday yesterday, during lunch time until the afternoon. It was both a birthday and thanksgiving party for God's faithfulness in their lives as a family. So right after the Worship Service of the AIT Christian Fellowship here in Thailand, everybody went straight to Korea House where the party was held. There were others also from AIT and Bangkok who are the parents' friends and colleagues. There were many nationalities present, but of course the majority were Filipinos. There were also some Thais, Indian, Indonesian, Nepali, Mongolian, Chinese, Burmese, Malawian, among others.

There were different kinds of Filipino dishes and sweets served, as well as some Thai food.

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