16 April 2005

Today is a Gift

Today I woke up and I wondered what day it was. Ah, Saturday! What bliss! But hey, that did not mean I was free from my responsibilities. It just meant no pressure to be in the office, to be on time. It was Saturday! No pressure from the office, but, hmmm ... what about at home? I had to prepare breakfast, was my first thought. I turned to check the time. It was already 9 o’clock! So what did I first do? I quietly sat up and turned on my bedside lamp. The bedroom was still dark as no one had opened the curtains. My husband was still sleeping beside me. But, already the birds outside were busy with their business of chirping and greeting each other, and flitting around for food to eat.

As I sat on the bed, I uttered a prayer of thanks to the Lord. I thanked Him for keeping watch over us during the night. I especially thanked Him for healing me, as last night I felt some dull pain on my right side, just below my shoulders. It bothered me a bit but I fervently prayed for His healing. Then my husband and I also prayed together before we turned off the light to sleep, after midnight. It was a peaceful night, and indeed, to sleep peacefully is a blessing from the Lord.

Every morning is a new day to give Him thanks for this blessing. As well, spending my quiet time with Him at this time, just after waking up, is also beneficial.

Today I was reminded of how much He suffered on the cross because of my sins. This checked me as well so that I would be careful about sinning during the day. I prayed that He would take captive of my thoughts and make it obedient to Christ. Oftentimes we might not commit physical sin, everything seemed alright on the outside, but inside, in our thoughts and heart, we have to be careful that no sinful thoughts come in to tempt us to sin. We have to abide in Him and let His words remain in us so that we would not sin against Him.

So with this frame of mind, I got up finally to start with the day’s responsibilities, confident that I had His guidance and presence for the day. Without Him and this assurance, I will not be able to get through this day with flying colors.

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