22 June 2005

Daily excitement

Yesterday I went to visit a friend, my kumare, who gave birth to her third child. While at the bus stop outside our campus, I was deliberating whether I should wait for the bus or just hop into a taxi nearby. For the past weeks now, I have been using the bus to get to places. It's like I have renewed my 'acquaintance' with an old friend. And it seems that I am enjoying my bus rides, as I get to feel that I am really here, hearing the noises and seeing many things that you would not normally hear and see when you are just sitting in your car.

So I took the bus. For a mere 7 Baht, I was able to reach my destination. But then I missed the stop, and I had to get off the next bus stop and walked back to get to the hospital. It was ok at least I walked for a few hundred meters which fulfilled my physical fitness needs for the day (hopefully). It was good that it was not raining, although it was quite hot and I was sweating by the time I reached the hospital.

I had a good visit, and I got the see the newborn baby. And of course my inaanak (the eldest) and her younger sister.

Then it was time to leave. As I left the hospital, I was thinking again whether I should take a taxi or the bus. But then my 'kuripot' side surfaced and I decided to just go and cross the road by taking the overpass. It was also a good walk, so that's another plus for my fitness program for the day! Then I waited for the bus to take me back to the campus. It took quite a while for the bus to arrive so I decided to go to 7-11 and get some food to eat. So I went and bought some sausages and then returned to the bus stop.

Apparently it was not only me who was hungry. A stray female dog was following me and eyeing the sausages. I dared not eat then, and now I was in a quandary as to what to do with them. If I put them in my bag, the dog might jump on me. She was looking at me now with sharp eyes and tongue dangling out of her mouth. I saw the teeth, too. They were sharp! I remembered some news reports of dogs jumping on people to get food and I was afraid. I looked at the nearby garbage bin but there was another dog there. If I put the bag of sausages on the bench it was not also good as it might dirty the place.

Fortunately, there was a flower stall manned by 3 people. I went there to give them the sausages and asked them to just feed the dog as it would not leave me alone. I felt relieved when I finally gave it up. There goes my dinner, I thought. Oh well, better hungry than be mauled by a dog, and a stray one, at that. It is also good that here people are kind to animals. Thus it did not look strange (I think) that I gave food to that dog. I hope she had a nice sleep that night.


Glenn OMANIO said...

Hi Jigsz, thanks for dropping by. I'' link you up in my blog, okay lang?

maryam nietes said...

this is bing.it is only now that i had a time to peep in your blogger.very inspiring thoughts and actions....well...i remember lola idang's advice on dogs...if you see one pushing his way toward you,just spit and walk away fast.the dog will stop following you and instead he will sniff at your saliva.hahahah....i have done this several times and it is very effective.but you have done some good action,though,by sharing your food to that dog.

Carnation said...

bing, hi hi hi i remember but it is prohibited to spit here. there is a 2,000 baht fine. so there, couldn't do it. thanks for the comments.