13 November 2005

First Frost

This morning, 13 Nov, Sunday, the weather forecast was sunny but chilly. The temperature last night dropped to below 0, thus this morning we saw frost outside. That was the 'first frost experience' for me. I opened our back door and walked to touch the grass which looked white. And when I touched it there was ice or frost on it. Same with the garbage bins and other exposed surfaces. While walking to church, we saw that the sun has melted most of the frost on the road. But there were still a lot on parked cars, grass and other vegetation, and even on the pavement which were not reached by sunshine. So winter is nearly here. Last night a friend joked that the temperature here in Scotland gets too cold that even the snow could not stand it! Oh well, I'm just glad to see the sun shining and I try to get a touch of it outside while waiting for the bus.

So it's Sunday afternoon and we are here at the uni, working in the computer room. But it is Sunday night now at home.

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