25 November 2005

First Snow

Yesterday I experienced my first snow!

While waiting for the bus to take us to town from the university, the wind was blowing strongly. It was like a huge broom was sweeping all the leaves just in one direction. When the bus came we quickly boarded it as we wanted to escape the strong wind. After a few meters, we observed that there was some kind of dust as well. We even remarked that the wind was blowing all the dirt and dust around and we were so fortunate to be inside the bus. But then, we noticed that the ‘dust’ was shiny and when it hit the glass window of the bus, it melted. Then we realized that they were tiny snow flakes. When we reached our stop, we got off from the bus. While walking towards the supermarket the snow flakes kept falling and I felt the cold as they touched my face. Finally we reached the supermarket and we were able to escape them. When we came out about an hour and a half later, it had stopped. But of course the ground was wet.

Last night and early this morning before we left for the university we were glued to the TV watching the weather news. Snow was heavy on the mountainous regions. I went to look out from our back window and back door but there was no snow. So thank God for that. Then we walked to the bus stop to take our bus to town. Everything seemed the same as before. Then when we reached the town and while waiting for the bus to take us to the university, the snow flakes started to fall. At first it looked just like small drops. And then they became bigger and more were falling. I was thinking how to go from the bus stop to the bus as the snow would fall on me. But I noticed that other people were oblivious to this as of course, for them it was normal at this time of the year. They had experienced it before but for me it was the first time.

It was warm inside the bus. The view was nice as I kept looking out of the window. The snow kept falling and it was white all over. Key & I were laughing coz we were saying it was just like in the pictures or movies that we have seen. Normally I would read the newspaper while on the bus until we get off. But this time, I stopped reading half way as I wanted to see the view around me. The bus driver was whistling the song, Walking in a Winter Wonderland and he seemed happy. As the bus moved on, I was thinking how I can walk on the snow up to our building. Key told me to just walk slowly and carefully. It was especially hard as we have to walk up many steps as our building is on a hill. The university landscape actually is hilly so it takes a lot of effort to walk uphill. And with the snow on the ground, I was wondering how.

Anyway when we reached our stop, Key got off first and then I followed and held on to his arm. We walked up the steps holding hands just in case I slipped. And of course we could not hold on to the metal banister as we might get stuck!!

The scene looked nice, all white. You can really appreciate it especially when you are warm and cozy and far from the hazards it would bring. So for now we are inside the building, feeling just like that. It’s good that we have started to bring our own hot mocha drink as the drink machine always run out of chocolate.

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