25 February 2006

Creative Cooking

It's so funny how creative one can be when it comes to cooking. Creative and resourceful, I mean. During this week I was just that. I have the tendency sometimes not to follow recipes to the letter, so I tend to modify. I try to go beyond what the recipe calls, sometimes. Or, I don't even follow the recipe, I just cook the way I want to. Sometimes it depends on what ingredients are available. Of course, I know my limitations, though. I know when it comes to baking I have to really follow to the letter or else I will fail. But cooking viands and all that, I am sure we can be creative. I discovered that it is fun. I am glad my husband also likes to go along with the adventure. For him, he appreciates everything that I cook. And he is also honest enough to tell me if there is something missing. Anyway, we try to cook with less or no salt for health reasons, so if the food seems bland, he can add his own fish sauce or salt to suit his taste. For me, I try to use spices to give more flavour to the food. I have also started using curry powder. I like the smell and it's good to have this kind of food once in a while. I remember a friend telling me that you really need to cook the curry properly, i.e. right timing etc so the food will be ok. Well, I do not know really what it meant but I just added curry powder anyway and the food tasted well.

I am feeling hungry now thinking and writing about food that I think I need to stop first and drink some water.

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