03 December 2007

Handel's Messiah Concert

It’s December once again and it’s time for the Handel’s Messiah concert in Bangkok! Such heavenly singing fit for the King of Kings! Great choir, as always! Of course the live accompaniment was also wonderful! Especially when they sang the Hallelujah chorus, and everyone in the audience was standing, it was like we were in the midst of a choir of angels. With the boom-boom of the big drums, we could really feel it! It was a glimpse of what is ahead for all who believe! It was a night of heavenly pleasure.

What's also amazing about this concert is that the singers belong to the Bangkok Combined Choir, and members come from more than 100 countries, including Thailand. I found this blog with some info and photos: http://gotoknow.org/blog/littlecorner/150980.

I was sure glad to be able to attend it last night with Key. A friend, Becky and her kids Eunice and Hannah also joined us. I also met an Antique kababayan Erlyn and her daughter (they both sang in the choir) and her son.

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