15 December 2007

Random Thoughts

So many ideas in my mind that I want to write but I did not have the chance to write them. Sometimes I just think of these things and I wish that I am diligent enough to write them down or type them onto the computer. But there are times when it is just impossible to do that because I may think of these things while biking or riding in a car or even during meetings at work. Ok, just keep the last one secret hmmm how can it be a secret when I have written it here in my blog? Sometimes I wonder how many people read my blog. What do they think about what I am writing? How are they affected by it? Especially what do they think of me now after reading my blog? Do my family and friends know me more after reading it? This is assuming of course that they are reading it. I oftentimes read again the things I have written and I would sometimes be surprised to read what I have written especially when it would be months later when I read it again. Have I really written this? I would ask myself. But it is good to write them thoughts and feelings because if not, I feel that my head would burst with all these ideas and thoughts. It helps when I have to talk with people and I can bounce these ideas on to them. The past few weeks I have been wanting to write them down and never really got the time. And now that I have some time and this is what I am writing. I want to write about what I feel now that it is December and the holiday season is nearly at the door. And many are going home and we are not. And so many other issues related to the annual break that is not there anymore this year. And some unfair goings on in some 'wonderland' I will not mention it here. OK I think I am feeling sleepy now and it is Sunday tomorrow so gotta sleep now or else I will be late for church.

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