22 March 2008

On our mark on 29 March, Earth Hour 2008

Lights off for one hour on 29 March, Saturday. Our way to be involved in Earth Hour 2008. One hour of darkness in the whole earth, although not at the same time due to times zones. When lots of activities using energy stop. We can save on one hour of electricity, it can allow the earth to rest and take a breather from all the stresses and pressures humankind has been putting on her, we ourselves can just rest and relax as well ... hmmm what can we do from 8-9 pm? Time for an early night. Just lying down on the bed. Or going out under the moonlit sky and sitting there with your dear one. It's so romantic eh? But be sure to bring some lemon grass mosquito repellant, especially where we are ... lots of those mozzies!!!! Anyway, looking forward to Earth Hour 2008 and to see how things will turn out when everyone cooperates in letting the world have a rest and a break.

Sign up with me here: http://www.earthhour.org/user/c4nY

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jyotsana said...

read ur other post. u hve so many blogs. anyways,......jesus never died. he just left his body. he is so much with us. we are all energies aren't we?