01 March 2008

Why do it?

Sometimes we just go through the motion of doing things without really thinking the whys of doing them. For example, today (and also many times before) during the "Cash for Trash" activity, a long queue of residents was waiting for their turn to sell the household waste collected during the month. However, what I noticed was that although indeed they have these recyclables and reusables, some were either soiled or wet as there was no segregation at source. Bottles and cardboard boxes and papers and cans were all put in the same container. I can imagine the scenario in the kitchen of some of these homes. There is one big plastic bag hanging on one side and all possible discarded items that have a potential to be sold are dropped into that big bag. So the buyers had to sort through them and separate them, while others wait for their turn. It's a waste of time. I have suggested earlier to one of my friends who work in the office in charge of this campaign to at least inform the residents to do waste segregation at home. It is just a matter of being aware of the reasons for doing it. I do not know whether the buyers are complaining about the fact that instead of just checking and weighing the wastes, they still have to do the separation while the residents concerned just stand there like a 'jao po'. Oooops!


jyotsana said...

hi what a thing to write about and in such an interesting way!!!!!!

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