01 May 2008

Labor day today

1st of May. Labor Day. Holiday. My hometown, San Jose, Antique, is celebrating the town fiesta in honor of their patron saint, San Jose (or Saint Joseph). So there is no work today in most parts of the world. But I heard here in Thailand, it seems that the government sector is still working because they said this is only for "workers" and "laborers", and they are not. They are government employees. Huh? Come again? So they don't work? What I know is that Labor Day is a global holiday, or whatever it is called, but the point is that it is a holiday, where nobody goes to work, offices are closed. And if people really have to go to work today, they will be paid double or triple or more than their normal salaries.

Anyway, on tv today there was a feature on "sick building syndrome" and other occupational hazards. I guess this is timely to think about this. This is not a selective affliction but can affect everyone who goes to work in a place where the environment is not good or up to standard. So many times when one officemate gets sick with coughing and all that, nearly all working in the same area will also go down with it. So many working places are not well-ventilated and clean. Sometimes we cringe to think about all those sweatshops reported to be dirty and hot and dingy, but nobody ever examines other offices in town, in cities, in campuses, elsewhere. Sometimes, these offices become playground for small creatures like rats and cockroaches.

Can you imagine them running around stepping on all our papers and other items on our desks? And when we come to the office we touch the same surfaces, and goodness only knows what kinds of things we pick up and then we transfer them onto our own bodies, things, homes. And the cycle goes on.

Right now my dear hubby is sick and I could not help thinking maybe he has SBS. Noooo ... he just needs rest. And today since it is a holiday, we should better rest. I am playing nurse to him. No rest for me but it's a pleasure to do it.

Oh well, enjoy your holiday. Whatever you do!

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