20 November 2008

bday celebs

Last Wednesday, 12 Nov, we celebrated the 75th bday of our Mom. It was also the 40th bday of our 6th sis. So it was quite a celebration. It was timing that I had a trip to the Philippines so I took leave for a couple of days to spend time at home to celebrate with them. Here are some of the photos of people who came. We had the party at home. During the day it was so sunny and hot and we thought it would last. But around 3 pm it started to become dark with some thunder, and soon, there was a heavy downpour. We had to bring in the tables and chairs that were already set-up outside in our lawn. Finally it stopped before the first group of guests came. The rain was a blessing in disguise as it made the place cooler, although inside the house it was still hot.

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