26 November 2008

of good old friends

Every time I go home I try to meet my old dear friends, i.e. my classmates, some of whom I've known since we were in kindergarten, some since grade school, and others since high school. Dear because somehow they are part of my life, and old because we have been friends for so many years. There were times in the past that I would meet classmates whom I haven't met since high school graduation. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the last two grand alumni reunions to celebrate our 2oth and 25th grad anniversaries. I was only able to attend our 10th anniversary way back in Dec '90.

It is always nice to meet up and to see that not so much has changed. The changes are more on the effects of aging, marriage, having kids, more responsibilities, among others. But there are things that still do not change, such as the nice camaraderie and the banter and the fun of just meeting together. Here are some photos of the meet-up just this month.

At the Regina's Restaurant for dinner

Meet-up with Geralyn in Cebu

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