16 December 2008

Internet User's Guide to E-Commerce Policies

I have been curious about e-commerce ever since I heard about it many years ago! And I have been wanting to know more about it. Fortunately there is now a book that has been published, entitled Internet User's Guide to E-Commerce Policies, which is the first book in the E-commerce for Entrepreneurs series written by Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com. We need this kind of reference and guidance as current and future e-entrepreneurs so that we will not be e-dealing in the dark, and to be able to do commerce within legal bounds. At the same time it is good to be well informed about what we can do in case something not so pleasant happens. So this book will be a welcome addition to information on e-commerce stuff, which is still insufficient to address the many issues related to e-commerce esp. on legislation. Kudos to Ms. Janette for all her efforts in coming up with this series.

Here is a preview of the book's contents:

* Chapter 1: Introduction
* Chapter 2: Becoming an I.T. Policy Advocate & Lobbyist

* The E-Commerce Law
o Chapter 3: E-Commerce Law
o Chapter 4: E-Commerce Law IRR
o Chapter 5: Rules on Electronic Evidence

* SME Policies
o Chapter 6: Financing for Information Technology Build-Up (SME-FIT)
o Chapter 7: Government Procurement Policy Board Resolution No. 07-2006

* Consumer Protection
o Chapter 8: Data Log Retention of Telecommunications Traffic (NTC)
o Chapter 9: DTI Administrative Order #8: Prescribing Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data in Information and Communication Systems in the Private Sector
o Chapter 10: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular No. 542: Consumer Protection for Electronic Banking
o Chapter 11: Consumer Protection Guidelines (NTC)
o Chapter 12: Advertising Standards Code
o Chapter 13: Internet and Mobile Advertising Code of Ethics

* E-Government
o Chapter 14: DTI-DOF Joint Administrative Order #2: Guidelines Implementing R.A. 8792 on Electronic Payment and Collection System (EPCS) in Government
* Chapter 15: Copyright
* Chapter 16: Cybercrime
* Chapter 17: E-Commerce Policy Implementation Challenges
* Chapter 18: Moving Forward

She is giving 100 free copies of the book. Read more about the give-away rules and the Internet User's Guide to E-Commerce Policies book here.


Liam said...

A very comrehensive article about a very useful book; thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

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