03 December 2008

when traveling alone

traveling alone is never fun. it is always nicer if you travel with a loved one or a friend, or a colleague if you are friends. when you travel alone you do not have anyone to share some moments with, be they funny, unusual, sad, strange, or what not. it is just nice to have somebody to talk to, to laugh with, and to share some thoughts with. during one of my travels i took some photos just to make use of the time. i could remember smiling while taking these photographs and thinking what if somebody were watching me he/she might wonder what i was about, taking these photos of ordinary stuff.

i always pray for God's protection upon me wherever i go.


Renz said...

I don't mind traveling alone for a change :)

Carnation said...

yes it's ok too once in a while.

Maria said...

Great advice! I wish I'd read this bedore I spent a week in Costa Rica alone last year. Have a great week!

Carnation said...

hi maria, how was your costa rica trip then? have a nice weekend!

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