21 January 2009

From across the South China Sea

I have been absent for some days from blogging coz I travelled to my home town. As the title of this post says, I am sending this blog from across the South China Sea. It's such a long way from the international airport. I had to take a domestic flight to the nearest city, then a (rough) van ride through mountains for about 2 hours. My internet connection is not so fast so I could not upload photos for now. Anyway hope everyone's doing ok. For me, I have to discipline myself not to think about work (too stressful) and just enjoy being here. But there are also other stressors here.


milai said...

So that is why I haven't seen a new post for quite sometime.

Hang on there and enjoy. There will always be stressors anywhere we are. It's just a matter of making the most of the experience. :)

Take care!

shasha said...

hello! i like your blog and i'm giving you the pink heart tag. please read about it in my post and i hope you can also share it with others.thanks!

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