13 February 2009

Entrecard Store/Market

There's a new feature over there at Entrecard. It is called The Market. It will allow members to list things they want to sell, electronically or physically. Payment by EC credits only. Must be fun. It is a new service from Entrecard, with complex interactions among users. It is still a BETA service and hope it will improve over time.

I remember when I was still small my sibs and I would play "buy and sell" at home. We would collect stuff around the house and set-up our mini-shops at our chosen corner, inside the house. It was funny coz we would compete to "ransack" our Mom's dressing table so we would have her lipsticks, curlers, and other make-up items. Then when it was time for our Mom to use those things, she could not find them anymore. We had to look for them in our "shopping bags" to retrieve them. This was usually done when it rained, as we could not go out. Then in the summer, we had shops outside and we would sell "liquids" such as gas, vinegar, oil, soy sauce, etc. But not the real thing. We would just color them to look like the real one. We put them in bottles of various sizes and measure them accordingly.

Our money was made of old newspapers, cut into bills, with handwritten numbers for the amount. Then we had a problem with our Dad who loves his papers and would look for yesterday's papers to still read while waiting for the new one to come. Later we had to be careful not to touch yesterday's papers.

So this Entrecard Market just feels like we are playing but actually it is serious business. Why don't you check it out now?

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