03 February 2009

Random facts about me

I was tagged in mid-January by Manu but I was too busy then to work on it. The tag was for sharing 6 random things about myself. Then in facebook, I was tagged by friends to share 25 random things. I worked on them last night and I am sharing all the 25 here. So Manu, you got 4x more than you asked for. I realized that as I wrote things about myself, 25 is too little, actually. It is a good exercise though to reflect on stuff past, present and future. Since they are random thoughts they are not really organized.

1. I am addicted to emails & facebook ... I keep checking for updates. Same addiction to blogging, entrecard dropping and e-chatting. I find it a good way to meet friends and to express myself, to keep in touch with family and friends, and to network with others.

2. I've been called a techie by former workmates. Surprised?

3. Most of my aunts are old maids and until I graduated from university they thought I would follow in their footsteps. They were wrong! One even told me that the reason we did not have a boyfriend was because we are intelligent … ha ha ha.

4. I like watching romcoms. I don’t care much for thriller, suspense, horror and other heart-stopping movies or shows. I watch to be entertained mainly.

5. I love reading – books, magazines, etc. Can learn lots from them, even the chick lits. I started reading early. I remember borrowing books from our school library and even our provincial library in town. Among the books I read when I was at school were: Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, the Bobsey Twins, Enid Blyton books, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and those comic books such as Gone with the Wind and other classics. And many many more.

6. I am addicted to newspapers esp. the crossword puzzles. I got this habit from my Dad. Due to time constraint during the week I just buy newspapers during the weekend.

7. I also enjoy sudoku but since Key also loves it I do not answer them so he can answer them. Then if there are still spaces left, which is not really often, I try to complete it. But he is smarter than me of course.

8. I love being married coz I always have a companion. I am used to having Key here so I miss him terribly when I am traveling alone or when he is away.

9. I also miss my parents esp. these days when I realize time has flown so fast and I missed spending time with them during the past years.

10. My sisters tell me that my memory is still sharp and I can remember some things in the past which they themselves have already forgotten. But hey, I think I have selective memory coz sometimes I also could not remember stuff which they could. But I remember more I guess.

11. I have not been angry for such a long time that when I became really angry with somebody and reprimanded her, I felt very strange. Sometimes I think I am not that serious even when I try to be angry.

12. I am afraid to see a doctor. When I see one for check-up I would insist not to be given antibiotics or any medicines. If the doctor would still give me meds, I would not take them and would just try some natural remedies. I would even research about the meds in the internet and of course I would all the more not take them coz of all the side effects listed.

13. I am an independent person as I have been living alone and single for a long time. However it was not difficult to adjust to being married. I think I was ready to live with another person by the time I got married.

14. I was described by a teacher in high school as being aloof. My mom told me about this way back when I was in high school. I think it was a defense mechanism for the way people treat me then. But I think it was not really serious as I still finished school ok. Oh well maybe the only drawback was I did not have a boyfriend in high school. But who needed one when you have your barkadas and mills & boon and the whole future of going to uni ahead? hmmm... i know a couple of my sisters will not agree with me.

15. Of course I had my own romantic fantasies then. As a voracious reader of M&B, harlequin, barbara cartland, what could you expect? I even had crushes ... which crashed later. I always had crushes, and a couple of them developed into more than crushes but did not really go beyond that. It provided inspiration for my writings and life itself.

16. I am not really competitive. I just do my best. And that's ok although I know that if I really tried harder I would have reached farther. Sometimes my best is really what is expected. But sometimes, it was not as a professor used to say that I could have done better if I really put effort into it. But then I think that there is more to life than being the top in your field or career. That's just me. Maybe because at home we really did not have to compete with each other. Also the nuns taught us about it.

17. I don't care much for prestige or special attention or treatment. I'd rather that everyone be treated the same.

18. I admired Leif Garrett more than Shaun Cassidy. I preferred Nora to Vilma, and was involved in a fight with classmates about this when we were in Grade 6 or so. I supported Sharon more than Pops. I admire Nicolas Cage's eyes. I don’t like Angelina Jolie.

19. There are just so many things going on in my mind. I love talking and discussing issues but sometimes it is also good to just keep my mouth shut and let things be. And to listen.

20. I try to avoid listening to gossip or talking to others about others as I know the harm it can do to friendships and relationships.

21. I wish I am 10-15 kg lighter but I lack the self-discipline necessary to achieve that.

22. I love to travel and I’ve been to most places I wanted to visit. But there are still many more in my wish list. I also want to revisit some of the places I’ve already visited.

23. There are so many things I miss when I am away from Thailand. One of them is the Thai foot and body massage. There is nothing like it.

24. I value friendships. I have found really good friends and best friends through the years. Sometimes I would imagine how my best friends in high school, college, church and work would interact with each other if we get together. And I am so glad that Key and I share a wonderful friendship. We were already friends before we got married. It’s really true that your spouse should also be your best friend.

25. The greatest decision I have ever made in my whole life was to surrender my life to Jesus Christ and accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior. I know that whatever shortcomings and mistakes and many other things that are not right with my life (as some items mentioned above) are part of life's experiences leading me to acknowledge my need of a Savior & a Shepherd. I know that He is perfecting me day by day and it is such a joy to know that I am loved and that there is hope.


manÜ said...

sweet! it's worth the wait! thanks for reaveling yourself to us. hehe

Secondary Roads said...

I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. That experience is all the richer for you having share so much of yourself. Thank you. It is good to know Jesus in that personal way. God bless you.

i am a bubble said...

i like this post tita..:) thanks for the birthday greetings!:)

milai said...

I've enjoyed reading this post. Now your readers know you better. :)

Thank you for sharing.