31 March 2009

seeing & believing

Last Sunday we had a wonderful servant of the Lord who spoke God's message from his heart. He was a former refugee. Now he is living a life God has given him. He said when they (he & his family) went to their new country they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. And he added that that was how good God was to them back then; He still is. He even said that during the conflict in their old country, with nothing to eat, God still provided for them through the waste food that his Mom would bring back from her dishwashing work in one of the camp kitchens.

He used the verses from John 20:24-29 as the reference for this Sunday. What struck me was that the apostles were hiding in fear, and yet when Jesus appeared to them He gave them PEACE. The peace that goes beyond understanding. I have felt that many times when I call on the name of the Lord. And we were encouraged again last Sunday that His peace is really something that we can have anytime, anywhere, coz of Jesus' presence with us.

Another thing that was mentioned was that the Lord went straight to the person who needed Him most, i.e. Thomas who was in doubt. He went straight to the person who was hurting - Thomas needed Him; he needed to hear Jesus' voice. And when he finally met Jesus, he personally declared Him as his Lord and his God. May we also do the same.

I love Jesus and His love and care. In v29 Jesus comforted Thomas but He also rebuked him. But He still loves him. He still loves us and He reaches out to any one who doubts, but desires to know. And what a great encouragement to us who have not seen Him and yet believe. We are blessed; we should continue to believe.

Doubting Thomas went on to be a great church planter! We who believe are God's walking miracles. He works in us day by day. May His workings be evident in my life.

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