11 March 2009

Tops for Feb 09

Just want to thank my top & faithful EC droppers for February 2009. Till March again! Number indicates the times they dropped their EC's.
Health.duniasoer.com 31
Dallas Marketing Services 31
Moshi & Kibo's Dog Blog 31
Art Joolree 30
FickleMinded-A Life That Is Less Ordinary 29
Personal Finance Management Guide 25
Look around 21
simplehappylife 19
Secondary Roads 19
A Little Boy's Blog 13

Their blogs are interesting so hope you dear readers will find time to visit them as well.


On The Verge said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


Roy said...

I will never be a top ECard dropper on any blog :(

because aside from the fact that I rarely drop lately, I have too many blogs which I alternately log on in EC... oh well...

anyway, just came to say you're one of the winners in my contest.


Carnation said...

hi thanks a lot for this!