20 April 2009

No pin-ups but still an exciting calendar

By Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:03:00 04/19/2009

Filed Under: Environmental Issues, Natural Resources (general)

MANILA, Philippines – They are not your typical calendar pin-ups, but they are no less breathtaking and sexy.

With vivid images of mangrove vegetation, environmentalist Jurgenne Primavera is bringing her advocacy for mangrove conservation right into people’s homes and offices.

Primavera, a retired Iloilo-based scientist, has come up with the idea of a Mangrove Tidal Calendar detailing the pattern of the tides – the regular rise and fall of seawater resulting from the gravitational attraction between the earth, sun, and moon.

She says the calendar will help scientists, especially fisheries and aquaculture researchers, conducting field research to accurately determine tidal patterns.

But while most calendars only indicate when low and high tides can be expected, the Mangrove Tidal Calendar also details the tide levels for a particular time.

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