10 June 2009

A tambayan with a cause

A new virtual tambayan has been set-up called the Kablogs Station. A tambayan is a place where people can hang around and relax, meet new and old friends, discuss various topics, share snacks, and do various activities.

Tambayan comes from the word tambay, which can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, it refers to somebody who hangs around the corner or some place, without doing anything (yet) or hanging out with others, doing some fun stuff or just talking. It may refer to somebody who has no direction in life (negative connotation and elders would tell us to be careful of them). It can be positive as well, if it refers to somebody who is in between doing something. Like taking a break. As a verb, it means “to hang around”, whether you have nothing to do so try to be somewhere to while away your time, or to wait for something to come.

A tambayan then provides a place for those who need a break, a rest, a diversion or a change from routine. You'll never know what will happen each time you go there. With different people coming and going, you also get different types of stories, dramas, fun, etc. A tambayan provides some excitement, and going to one can give somebody something to look forward to every day. It may also mean something different to others, depending on their experiences while in the tambayan.

The Kablogs Station is a tambayan with a cause, because one of its aims is to have a venue for people to showcase the beauty and goodness of being a Pinoy, in the Philippines and abroad. Another is to create awareness and advocacy on relevant issues affecting our country so we can make informed decisions when necessary. These, and many more.

So why not try for yourself and see what the new Pinoy tambayan, the Kablogs Station has got for us, and what we, Pinoys in 'Pinas and abroad, can do for our kababayans and for others through it.

Truly a tambayan with a cause.


Lord CM said...

Wow!!!May libre palang advertisement dito :) Salamat po ng marami...

Add na lang kita sa blogroll ko :)

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

This post is a good one, and thanks a lot for plugging the KABLOGS in.

We hope you will find many friends out there. Ill be adding you to the Thoughtskoto's friends.

NJ (Desert Aquaforce) said...

Wow! I remember our tambayan during our university years (those were the days...) and this virtual tambayan will be like the ones we used to have - group study, tsismis, donut sale, snacks, playing bridge, meetings, etc.

Nice post Jigsz and thanks for joining KaBlogs. We'll never regret we did!

Carnation said...

yup i was thinking about that as well while writing ... meron akong tambayan doon sa college (IS & Katig), then sa PHAN (Katilingban). masaya nga talaga sa mga tambayans na yon.