15 August 2009

Writing reviews

Make money in blogosphere
When I was at university there were always assignments related to writing reviews, especially in our English, Humanities and Psychology courses. We were asked to watch stage plays, movies and concerts, listen to music, visit museums and other exhibitions, use some products, and then review them accordingly. So now reviewing things and writing about them have become part of our daily lives. Sometimes though we do not have the opportunity to write about them. But things have changed as the internet has opened lots of opportunities to write reviews such as the one offered by LinkFromBlog. If you have a blog and like writing reviews, or want to start writing, and then earn something from it, then why not head on over there and see what it's all about. Cheers!
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chubskulit said...

thanks for sharing ate, will check it out.. have a great weekend!

Rosa said...

hi, dropping by here. interested on link ex? let me know if you do. thanks

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Carnation said...

hi chubs, thanks, this weekend is quite a busy one. hope you will find the link interesting. you write well. regards

Carnation said...

@rosa miss pink! hello there sori it's been quite some time since i visited your site. will try to visit one of these days. i think we are linked already? let me check

Russ said...

Thanks for sharing that info and a good suggestion.Ü Why not spend your time on the net wisely? Awesome! Blog-Hopping.