29 September 2009

Heroes in the midst of the storm

We read about those people we can consider heroes during the disaster that happened in Luzon, Philippines late last week. The heavy flooding brought about by typhoon Ondoy was so unexpected that one would wonder what the relevant agencies were doing prior to that. Thousands were caught unaware. They were unprepared. When disaster struck, many perished. Physically, materially, emotionally, spiritually.

Yesterday somebody sent me a link to a number of heroes who went out of their way to help others. One even died after rescuing around 30 people. For sure there are many more who did the same. They themselves and the people they helped know who they are. May God bless your hearts and lives for giving unselfishly to help others. Even if you do not know some of them.

How much more blessed we are that God Almighty, our Creator, who molded us in our mother's womb, and who knew us even before we were born, has come and provided the way to rescue us from the floods and torrents of this sinful world.


Link building services said...

hey mam,
God is always with those persons who are honest to the peak.My bro was met in an accident and came after 33 days from ventilation.
Almost all docs have decided there is no chance but still almighty god saved him.

Carnation said...

yes hope he is ok now.keep going and thanks for visiting