09 May 2010

For Mommy

Dear Mommy,

Happy mother's day! Today is your day, to think of you and your love, sacrifices, patience, understanding, hard work, example, teachings and many more things that you have done or given to us as our Mom. To thank you and show our appreciation for all of these. To thank God for giving you to us as our Mom. To pray to God that He will continue to give you strength and good health, that day by day you will walk closely with Him, to trust Him at all times. To pray for God's provision for all your needs, to comfort you in your grief as you miss Dad, to protect you and keep you safe from all harm and evil things and people, to give you wisdom in your thoughts, actions and decisions.

Today is your day, and it was great to talk to you and hear your voice just now. Thank God for technology. Yet I could not help feeling sad that I could not be there with you, to take you out to treat you even for a Chowking halo-halo or a Greenwich pizza or do something together with you, just to spend the day with you. I know you must feel sad too, being alone on this day. We hope that God will comfort you and give you encouragement through our calls, text messages and greetings.

I hope also that for us children, we make each day a Mother's day, and not to wait for another 365 days to express our love, appreciation and gratitude to you as our Mom.


LLCero said...

You're blessed to have a mom and be able to see and talk to her, pray for her, and write about her.

Carnation said...

sis ley, thanks...