01 August 2010

Who is my hero?

This is part of one of the sermons I used to hear, as part of a series of sermons on the topic, Being Changed by the Truth of God's Word. I continue to think about this as days go by and my prayer is that I can live His truth day by day.

Since we were small we have already learned about heroes. Throughout our lives we have idolized some people and personalities whom we consider heroes, by our standards or the world's standards. We can say that anyone can be a hero for another. But for us Christians, who should we consider a hero? According to Jack C. who was the preacher that Sunday on this, a hero is somebody whose life has been touched by God and is being moved by God's power to live for God. So how does your hero measure up to this definition? How do we see these people whom we consider heroes?

Jack C. then directed us to take a look at Jesus as the apostle John saw Him - as Light, Life and Love. In the same way we also see Jesus as these.

Jesus is Light. We have a special aura or radiance because we have Christ in our lives. As God separated light from darkness in Genesis 1, He also wants to separate us from darkness and bring us closer to the light - Himself. This darkness is exemplified in 1 John 2:15-16 as the love for the world. Thus to be in the light is to radiate Jesus in our lives.

Jesus is Life. He is the Author of life.

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