02 October 2010

sunset view

We were in Phuket the other week for a conference. After the closing session, we went back to our hotel room. We could see the ocean from our balcony. And the sun was nearly setting. So I rushed to get my camera and went out to the balcony to catch the view of the sun setting, hoping to capture its wonderful colours as they are reflected on the sky and the sea. It was a great time to reflect as well ... I thought of my Dad who passed away more than a year ago. In the past I could not really associate sunsets with something like grief and goodbye. It was just something to behold due to its beauty. But after my Dad passed away, somehow I would feel something like sadness every time I see the reddish-orange-purplish-pinkish hue of the sky as the sun sets. It seemed like everything was so still as I kept looking at it, and capturing the view with my camera. I think what added to the heaviness in my heart particularly during that twilight time was the sad news about my sister's husband, Cel, who was admitted to the ICU that day as he slipped into coma. He was confined in the hospital for nearly a month already. I felt sad and down about this news, for the whole family - for him, for my sister and their two kids. In the quiet of the balcony I whispered a prayer for them, that the Lord will touch my BIL's soul, and for him to respond to the Lord. We have been praying daily for him and for everyone. Also prayed for strength for my sis, the kids, my mom who is there, his mom and siblings as well.

Monday came and we were informed that he passed away. The sun had set for him. He had seen so many sunsets in his life, esp. literally as he was a seaman and a ship captain. He will be missed greatly by all his beloved family and loved ones. He is now at rest, in the arms of Jesus, and at peace. Goodbye, Cel.

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