17 December 2010

2010 PEBA Awards Night experience

16 Dec 2010. Most awaited by those who know about PEBA in many different ways - as organizers, sponsors, finalists, supporters, families, friends. On the night itself, it was a long wait as it did not start at 6pm as announced. It started maybe more than an hour later? Could not really be sure now. We arrived before time (as announced to come before time for freebies?), but we had to wait for the reception desk to open. We were sweating because we walked from the Greenhills Elan Hotel which was just behind the venue.

Coming from Tandang Sora, it took us about an hour to get to Greenhills, passing through East Ave., EDSA and turning right into Annapolis St. Not bad considering the time, weather and the distance. It took us nearly the same time (or more) earlier in the day queueing for a taxi at Trinoma and going home to T. Sora. It was when we were in Annapolis St. that we really got stuck. Traffic was at a standstill and we were there just sitting in the taxi for nearly 30 minutes. And the taxi could not go straight to the hotel because from the area of the Promenade part, it is a one way street. So we had to get off farther than expected. I was with my Mom and a sister. After checking in at the hotel, we quickly walked across the road to get into the venue.

Finally we got to the venue but since we had to wait, we found some seats nearby, outside Starbucks. There we were exposed to so much smoke. Could not do anything about it. It's good we did not have to wait that long and finally we could register and go inside the theatre. The other members of my family (4 of them) came after a few minutes. We went inside the theatre and found our seats, and waited. Waited for a long time. My Mom was so sleepy, and hungry by that time. Some others also were hungry. If we knew it would not start yet, we could have gone out to eat. Also we could have used that time to bond and interact with other bloggers. But we were just stuck to our seats.

Well, sorry for rambling, but it could not be denied that there was excitement in the air. Especially with the organizers who were flitting here and there, looking so great in their suits and gowns ... Finally, the waiting was over. And PEBA Awards Night was ready to roll ... with live video streaming so it could be watched from all corners of the world where there are OFWs.

Finalists did not really have an idea what kind of award they would receive. We were requested to prepare a video or acceptance speech and send by email to the organizers. Nevertheless I had mine printed out minutes before we left home just in case. But I am also glad I did not have to use it...

My blog did not win any of the major blog awards, which I knew I wouldn't anyway, because my entry was not really 'makabagbag damdamin' or dramatic. However, I did receive one of the special awards, the Smart Pinoy Blog Award which was announced during the first part of the programme. So happy and thankful to Smart Pinoy and Nokia for this award. I think it is for the blog post I have written entitled How can Smart Pinoy keep your relationship with your loved ones more exciting.

All in all it's been a wonderful time joining this contest and hope to participate in other PEBA activities in the future, such as those advocacy and social action programmes they are organizing . It was also great to see most of the people whom we only interacted through the net; however, there was really not enough time to interact face to face. Some moments during the programme were so touching, and I am pretty sure a few, if not most, were teary eyed, from the time the National Anthem was played, the PEBA videos were shown  until the Mom of Animus (Top OFW Blogger) gave a brief speech.  Wish I could have stayed longer to chit chat but I was with my family so I had to be with them as we were all so hungry and thirsty so we rushed to go find some food.

Thanks to all who supported me during this period of the competition, reading, commenting, liking ... Congratulations to all the winners! Keep writing! Thanks to PEBA and all sponsors.

More on the PEBA Awards night can be found at the PEBA website and PEBA Facebook Page.


LordCM said...

May taga Siam Pinoy na naman na nanalo sa PEBA, Congrats po, :)

Carnation said...

salamat Lord CM...

Kikais Corner said...

Thanks for the support Ms. Carnation!

ghillcorner said...

Congratulations po sa inyo. Mabuhay po tayong OFW. :)

taga-bundok (animus) said...

Thanks po sa pagbati Mam.
Congratulations din po sa inyo!
Para po sa lahat ng OFW at kanilang mga pamilya. :)

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to your family.

Carnation said...
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Carnation said...

jen, u r welcome, salamat din

ghillian and animus, salamat ..