26 February 2011

why i like to use the atm

the first time i got to use an atm was way back in the late 80s when i came to thailand. students had to open a bank account with the bank on campus. i had to get used to it as i never used one in the philippines. i enjoy using it and here are some of the reasons why i prefer to use atm to transacting business with human tellers (no offense meant to my teller friends):

1. i am in control of what i want to do (seems like anyway)
2. there is no need to face those rude human tellers
3. it is easy to use once they had bilingual menus
4. there is no need to face human tellers who could not understand me, and vice versa
5. service is fast
6. there are no human tellers gossiping in front of you while you wait for your transaction with him/her to finish
7. it is very efficient
8. there are no inefficient human tellers who sometimes do not know what to do and confuses you

i just hope that the machines will function well each time i use it.

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