30 March 2011

3 or G

My office is located on the 3rd flr of an 8-story building. From my floor I would take the elevator down to the ground floor if I have many things to carry. Otherwise I just walk down. One day last week, after office hours, Key & I took the elevator. Key was carrying lots of bags left and right, while I was holding my handbag and umbrella. As we entered the elevator, I pressed the button. I was wondering why the number pad was not lighting up. I kept pressing wondering if there was something wrong with the elevator. Then Key calmly pressed button G. The pad lighted up. We really laughed because I realized that I was pressing button number 3 instead of button G. As we were already on the 3rd floor, naturally the pad did not light up. We were laughing about it until we got to the ground floor, and even until we left the campus. I am even smiling now remembering it. I was probably still in the midst of thinking about work and I absent-mindedly pressed that button. Many times ha ha ha. Like crazy. But it was good to laugh. God knows we really needed to laugh. I thank God coz I realized I am still alive and still human to be able to laugh after a hard day’s work, a very stressful day.


kiko said...

hahaha, i remember when I was working in Mega Publishing, Ortigas, Strata 100, you have to press first your desired floor before you can enter in the elevator, it has a system that tells the letter of elevator flashes in front to where elevator, you can ride :)

Carnation said...

i have not seen that type yet. the modern ones now with security esp in hotels have key card slots,and will not allow you to go to any floor except your floor