29 May 2011

a dream come true ... almost!

...I wish I could just be by the sea, on a hammock, with a book to read, with the sound of the waves splashing on the shore the only sound I hear...

I used to say this about my dream of what life should be once in a while, esp. during vacation time. The pictures below fit that perfection in my dream. And I thought my dream has come true! Except that I do not have a book to read for relaxation. So no, it's not yet that perfect. Just almost. Because I am here to work, although in this kind of surroundings who can think of work? But work I have to. That's the reason we are all here, my team mates and myself. Key visited me during the weekend and he will be back to pick me up and the others by the end of the week. So there, it is almost an ideal place. Sometimes, it is really. A few or many times in a day, when we just kick away our slippers and jump into the water, or just sit on the hammock after a meal, the waves lulling us to sleep (even while working outside as well). Almost perfect. It will do for this time we are here. Hope we can get work done. I think we could, because the place is also great for working. 

As they say in Thai, "sabaai, sabaai..."  

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