04 August 2012

august again

i missed writing in this blog last july...where was i then? i have been so busy with my research. among other things. esp. facebook. it is the bane of my blogging hobby, most of the time. but i will try to maintain some presence in my blog.

during the last week of july i took a couple of days leave coz my sister, her son and friends came to visit bangkok. so i spent most of the time with them in the city. but i had time to do some work as well when i was not with them. we enjoyed the time together but they were here for just a few days so there was not enough time to show them around. probably they will come back to do more sightseeing and shopping.

with my sis at a Japanese resto in Bangkok
with my nephew at Asiatique, Bangkok
after that i had to go to the field for research work. coming back at the end of the week (august already) i felt my body finally gave in to exhaustion. i had to take a rest as i felt quite unwell, due to colds. it is good that we had this long weekend and so i was able to rest some. no need to wake up early, i can sleep in and just relax. sleep when i want to.

tomorrow is 5th aug, my grandfather's 111 years' birthday. whenever i think of my lolo medyong, i think of integrity, honesty, loyalty and hard work, in whatever task you are faced with.

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