25 August 2013

about dad

it's 25th aug again. daddy's birthday. he would have turned 79 today. the Lord continues to provide comfort and strength to us, especially during those times when we think of our dad.

daddy, we will never forget you.
as we keep saying
you are forever in our hearts
always remembered
always  missed.
daddy, we will always love you.
as you kept telling us before
when all else fails
there is always love
love never fails
love always prevails.
daddy, always in our thoughts.
always in our hearts.

The Judge Arnulfo K. Nietes Sr. Scholarship Programme continues to provide support to selected students at Diclum National High School, Tobias Fornier, Antique, Philippines. The main purpose is to help reduce the drop-out rates of students in rural areas, as one of the main reasons for dropping out is the lack of funds for daily needs and school projects. We hope that through this we can help some of the young people to be exposed to opportunities to develop themselves and their talents, as well as to achieve their dreams through having a better education. Thanks for the cooperation of DNHS community and the Salcedos (Fe & Bernie) for helping to administer this on our behalf.  

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Anonymous said...

we love you dad