25 February 2014

Balangay Antike

Balangay Antike is a new website portal for my beloved province, Antique, in the Philippines. 

In its About page, it says:

"Balangay Antike aims to be the leading online portal connecting the Province of Antique and its people to the world. We envision a community of people weaving stories, featuring and showcasing Antique’s beauty and richness of culture for the world to appreciate, opening up opportunities to its people."

I wish that the site will be successful in its mission, and kudos to the team who set it up. 

1 comment:

Herald said...

Hi Maam,

Thank you for taking the time to feature the Balangay Antike site. Hopefully we will be able to realize the goals that we set for this site. looking forward for your guest posts and also future collabs wit you in the future. Have a great weekend.