06 February 2014

bz or lazy?

yes, i know it is now feb 2014. such a long time to leave this blog inactive. but i have not been inactive online. it's coz of fb & other pursuits that i have neglected to post here. but once in a while i can drop by. at this time i am so tied up with my phd writing...gotta finish soon. that is my hope but seems like there is a need to have a plan B, just in case. 

so many holidays have come and gone ... many things have happened ... many places visited ... many people met ... many books & papers read ... just so many, many of everything! but what about the time? there are just 24 hours in a day, and at least 6-8 hrs for (healthy) sleeping. maybe i get less sleep some days (esp weekdays), and more on weekends (but not so often).

so rambling again. it is just that today i see the sun shining after many days of dreary weather ... it gives one a good feeling. just a little peek of sunshine and it can lift your spirits up. but since i am in scotland, the sun comes then it goes probably in just a blink of an eye, and it is another season again!!! always about the weather, the topic that is.

ok back to work!


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