22 June 2015

Late so late post

It has been so long (a year almost) since I have posted something here. But it does not mean that I have been offline. Maybe with blogging but not with other social network platforms. I have been active in FB coz most of my family and friends are there and interacting actively, sometimes real time! Anyway, I have opened this blog again. Coz of the zumba video which I was following, and I hope I can be disciplined to follow it. At least something I can do indoors when I could not join the 5pm aerobics at Kasetsart University.

One reason to post was about Father's Day, which was celebrated globally yesterday, 21st June. Dad is a part of our lives, even though he is gone from this earth, and enjoying life with our Creator, he is still in our hearts and minds. In the lives of his children he lives. We see ourselves as an extension of him. So we honor his memory by living according to what he has taught us. To have integrity and honesty, to love and be kind, to respect people and authority, to obey the laws of the land, to be careful how we live and not be corrupt, to keep learning, and to trust the Lord. These are just a few of the things I remember him teaching us. Through conversations and through letters, and even through SMS messages. We greatly miss you, Dad!

I remember going to the beach with our Dad, and looking at various stones and corals ... 

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