01 December 2004

Kite Wish

Sometimes I wish I were a kite

Flying so high up in the sky.

But then when it is pulled back to the ground

We’re just the same, we are bound.

Oh, kite, you look so magnificent

Up there flying so high,

Looking down on us for just a while

Pretty soon you will dive.

My life is just like that, I realize.

I can be high up in the sky,

Happy to be the apple of somebody’s eye.

But time will come, he’ll say goodbye.

So dearest kite

There’s nothing much to envy you.

Coz when I really look at things true

There is nothing different between me and you.

1 comment:

Rhodi Alers de López said...

To me the greatest thing is to know God loves me when I am up high, close to Him and when I am pulled down by the trials of life.
For Him we are always the apple of His eye. May you enjoy the warmth of His love today and every day.

God bless you!