20 July 2005

Hi from Fredericton!

I promised family and friends to keep them updated with my travels through this blog. I apologize if I have not fulfilled that promise as I have been buzzzy. What with work to do and visiting places. But now I have some slack time so here I am. I had a long trip from Bangkok to Tokyo to Toronto. Thank God I was able to time my sleeping hours in the plane so that I did not experience some 'jet lag' when I arrived, i.e. I am asleep at night and awake during the day. I only feel sleepy sometimes during the day when the reading gets tough and the coffee is not so strong. You know, the coffee or even the mocha I am used to in Thailand.

I spent about 2 days in Toronto with Lumen. She and Sheryl (her apartment-mate) met me at the airport. We just took the public transport to get to their apartment. Took us about an hour including waiting for the bus. I like the fact that with more than 20 kg of baggage I can still take public transport such as bus and subway. And people do not mind, they even gave way and were helpful.

Then it was time to travel to the province where Key was waiting for me. That was about a 3 hour flight. There were many people traveling as well and the plane was full. It was raining when I got to Fredericton. And Key was there waiting at the airport. It was a small airport. We had to run in the rain from the plane to the terminal. It was funny coz I was expecting some umbrellas but there was none.

It rained all day and night when I arrived. But the next day and succeeding days, the sun was up! It was so hot, and with us being used to AC in our homes and offices back in Bangkok, it was really a difficult adjustment. It was cooler of course in the early mornings and evenings. It gets dark after 9 pm.

We do a lot of walking. Going up to the university is tiring yet a good exercise so I hope muscles will be firmed up with all the walking. Can't avoid getting painful feet sometimes, esp as we are also carrying our notebook computers and they are heavy!

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