02 July 2005

Saturday, Shopping Day

I went shopping today for things to bring with me when I visit Canada. Ana, my roommate, also did her shopping as she will be going back to the Philippines. We went to Pratunam (Indra) where things are sold on a wholesale basis. So the prices are much cheaper than those in the department stores. As long as you buy at least 3 items. It was fun but also tiring, esp. bargaining for the items. When we started to bargain, the sellers would ask us where we were from and when we said Philippines, there was an understanding look on their faces :) So we Pinoys are well-known to ask for a discount every time we buy something. I guess this is ok and fun also as long as you don't do it in the department stores ha ha ha or else you'll get scolded by the salesperson!

And when you bargain, make sure you're really buying the thing. I remember way back in the 90s when my parents came over for my wedding. We also went to Pratunam. It was still a bit early at 10 am as most shops would open at about 11. We passed by a stall selling some nice sunglasses. My mom liked a pair and I started to help her in asking the seller re: the price. And then we started bargaining until we got a good price. But then my Mom changed her mind and left. So the seller got angry and started to say some things. I also left as I did not want to be embarrassed. Oh well, I should have bought the pair for her, but I did not think about it at that time. Anyway, that's a lesson from Shopping 101!

After Pratunam we went to the mall; where else but our dear old and familiar Future Park!! And lo and behold, we saw the Starbucks Coffee has already opened a branch there. Of course, we could not resist it. I had my capuccino and Anna had her latte but the seller made a mistake and gave her a mocha instead. We also ordered a slice of bacon and cheese quiche! Hmm at least we shared a piece so whatever calories it had we got only 50% each :)

With our feet so tired and our pockets already complaining, we hailed a taxi and went back to the campus. What a Saturday!!

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maryam said...

what you described in bargaining for that pair of eyeglass together with Mom was what I knew of Mom in BARGAINING things.When I was small,I had the same experience with her.Funny,upon reading this.She really has that attitude of bargaining,then when the seller accedes to the price Mom wants,she will leave with a shrug and an inaudible speech between her lips.The sellers will just either scratch their head or comment angrily.HAHAHAHA....what a mom we have.