02 May 2006

Something good

During this a.m.'s devotional I read that bad experiences can turn into something good. That is nice to know, especially, that these experiences can open a door for the best that God has to give us. This is a good attitude to have each day, so we can enjoy life more and be thankful more. It is nearly similar to the saying, "in every cloud there is a silver lining". I have a choice to just focus on the cloud or see the silver lining in each cloud. I choose the latter. Talking about clouds, I am glad that recently, there have been less of those and more of bright and sunny days, meaning blue skies! Everytime the sky is blue I always look at them, probably longer that I should (as in "feasting my eyes on them"). It gives me a good feeling to see the brightness all around. It is so different from the previous winter months, and I am glad that this season (spring) has come and summer is just around the corner.

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