07 June 2006

We are home!

We left the UK last 15 May yet but it is only now that I have time to blog. I have written to others but not here yet. So it has been a hectic time for us adjusting again to living here in Thailand. First thing we need to adjust to is the heat. Imagine from less than 5 degrees C all the time and here we are in more than 35 degrees C heat. Think about frozen meat chucked into a pre-heated oven!!! But I couldn't really complain, in fact I can say that I prefer the heat to the cold. At least I do not have to carry all that heavy weight from my jacket and other accessories. I am free at last!! Free to wear sleeveless thin t-shirts or blouses, shorts and open sandals. It's like being released from whatever prison you are in. For me, it is being released from dressing up and covering myself all over; i am free to choose what I can wear :)

Other things to adjust to of course is the crowd of people and rush and the flying time. Here time seems to fly so fast. There time was so slow. People here seems to be rushing and speeding while there people are more laid back. Maybe because we were living in a university or college town, not in the main city. So here it is an adjustment because if you are slow, others will 'over take' you and even jump the queue. Altho' at the BTS and in Air Asia boarding, at least people now have learned to queue.

There are many more, esp for me as I do not have a job now. So I stay at home most of the time, trying to finish last minute paper work from my previous research job. But no regular schedule of going to the office. So I have the time to work on this blog. Have to make the most of it.

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