19 June 2006

Rains and floods

yesterday after lunch there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning for
nearly 2 hours. then there was a power cut. we were in the campus
where we attended church. after the rains have subsided we drove
home. we decided to take a short cut through a market which was just
in front of the campus. unfortunately the roads inside were flooded,
nearly half a meter. we drove a bit and later decided to just go up to a
higher ground, at the market parking lot. we stayed there a while,
nearly 1 hour coz if we went on it would not be good for the car engine.
esp as our car is new so ha ha ha it was like it was its baptism. anyway
it was frightening when we were inside the car and when bigger trucks
passed us and created waves, the force of the water made the car
sway. i was imagining what if our car would be swept away ... it was a
wrong decision to go there, we should have stayed on the main
highway. anyway, after about an hour, one of the cars parked near us
was leaving and the driver told us that there was another way out that was not
flooded so we followed her. we were able to go back to the main highway where
we came from. we decided to go back to the campus and stay a while
in my brother's apartment. so we just played with my niece who was so
energetic and had dinner there. at about 9 pm we went home. it was
like a traumatic experience for us esp now when we see just a little bit of
water on the road, we are reluctant to go, aw we will get over it am sure. key said it was his first time to experience this. and one person in that market said that for 3 years that he had been going there it was the first time it had happened.
we heard there will be more floods here as the floodwaters from the north of the
country come down to the sea in the south passing the central region
where we are. we hope that we can escape that and there will be no disastrous thing that will happen.

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