23 June 2006


all this talk about the weather reminded me of the time we were in the uk. i dreaded going out coz of the cold and rain. but when spring came it was just lovely!! the birds had this melody and tunes and somehow it seemed like they were talking and singing. there was this fresh smell in the air and everyone seemed happy they could go out to the park and enjoy the sun. so different from those dreary winter months when you hardly saw anyone walking. but during spring and of course the summer, the parks and other empty spaces are full of people and children. it's a happy scene.

Above photos were taken last winter, and what a contrast to the colourful views now, like the flowers and the blue skies. They make the days nicer and brighter, including people's moods. You see more people smiling!!


Dan said...

Hello! thanks for commenting on my blog! awesome to have international veiwers of my blog so early on! sorry to hear you didn't get on with the English winter, I love the cold and the snow but your def right about the spring and everone being happier and going out more!
Keep up the good work!

H said...

hey carnation, saw your comment on my blog. I know... the cookbook catchall site suddenly slammed that condition on their comments. later when i visited it, it said the same... that only team members could comment. hmm. well, to each her/ his own i guess! :-)

sehdi.com said...

Hello Jigsz, thanks for the comment in my blog, wasn't able to leave a note in your blog right away.

I love the four seasons. :) That means including Winter, I like looking at the snow, so white and bright.