17 August 2006


Since last week it had been a sad period for us in the family and with friends. Last week, my niece inside my sis-in-law's (brother's wife) womb died of coil cord. Her scheduled delivery was supposed to be this week. This is their 2nd baby. Unfortunately the accident happened so it is with sadness that I am sharing this news. It was hard to deal with when this thing happens to family. We are one with them in their grief. So many hopes and dreams for their little one had been dashed. And yet, praise the Lord for His mercy, grace and comfort, that embrace all those who come to Him. And I can see that the hope we all have in Jesus gives strength even to my bro and sis-in-law. The hope that the baby is in the arms of Christ in heaven, free from the tribulations of this world. And hope that we will all see her face to face in heaven. What a blessed hope!

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