28 June 2006

Things to thank God for

Last night during the prayer meeting we had the opportunity to share things that we thank God for. It is a release to be able to take stock of each day of our lives and to point out things we thank God for. As the list grows, you get to think and be convinced that God's blessings never run out. That was His promise to His people. It is very encouraging to hear of answered prayers, continued provision and protection and God's overall care, day by day. He cares not only about the big things but also, and especially, the little things of our daily lives. That we can be thankful for. Even when the storms come, despite the strong winds, dark clouds and heavy rains, we can be assured of His great love for us. We took the photo last May, Land's End, Cornwall ...

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a neverending read said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my blog, it's always great to hear from a fellow Christian... and a fellow Filipina too! :)

I share your passion for writing (though i'm not quite as good at it) and had just joined FaithWriters.com the day you commented on my blog. haha, wala lang, i saw your faithwriters link and had to smile at the commonality.

Cheers in Christ,