10 February 2007

Out of town

Early this week we went to Kanchanaburi for our annual workplanning workshop. We stayed in a nice resort (Felix River Kwai Resort) and it was really nice to be one with nature because it made the time we stayed there less stressful. What with all the meetings, discussions, planning and the like, plus the time constraint. It was nice to come out of the meeting room and look at the river nearby. The trees and grasses were green, and I could just imagine how it would feel after raining. Must be cool, soft, refreshing. It would be nice to just sit under one of those trees and read a book, or capture the scene on paper - very romantic. But then with a digital camera, hmmm, we can do it as well - less romantic, more practical. It was also fun to be with the team, since we were able to get to know more each other, although not all of them, outside the office/work place. We shared lots of laughter as well.

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