16 February 2007

chinese new year!

tonight we will go to my in-laws for the chinese new year family
dinner! gotta wear red as well. we will first pass by the mall to pick
up our order (chocolate cake), buy some oranges (round things) and to
buy some chinese food. we have potluck and each one brings a chinese
dish. we could not go to a restaurant as we used to do before coz my
father-in-law is now bedridden. so we just bring food to their house
and have dinner there. we also have to prepare "angpao" - some cash in
red envelops which we will give to the parents and to our 3 nephews
and nieces. used to be 1 niece only but more than a year ago my sis in
law gave birth to twins! for us married ones we do not get any "angpao".
so here's some imaginary red wine to toast the (another) new year!

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