10 August 2007

Antique health care (dis)service

In Antique, this is the story. About a couple of weeks ago my dad got very sick and needed to be in ICU for IV and the like, as advised by the doctor. He could not be admitted to the provincial hospital as there was no more room, even if he opted to stay in the corridors. It was just so crowded. So he had to stay at home with my mom (retired nurse) caring for him. The next day or 2 his situation got worse and they decided to take him to Iloilo as the doctor really advised the need for hospitalization. There was no ambulance available. Fortunately in the evening a patient was discharged from the hospital so my dad was able to get that space. A semi-private room i.e. shared with another patient, costs 500 pesos per day per bed. My sis told me that if he was not admitted to the hospital at that time and given IV and other medical attention he would have been dead by now. We can only thank God for that provision, a window of opportunity He gave when they checked again at the hospital at that very moment. My dad's health greatly improved after that and he is recovering at home now.

It is morbid to talk about this but do you think in the death certificate is it valid to write as cause of death - insufficient medical facilities?

I also heard that they are improving the facilities at the provincial hospital. Same story heard many years ago, time and time again. Hope this time it will really be done, and be sustainable (translated: maintained). Antique needs more hospitals, not only 1 that is ailing. People do not have to go to Iloilo all the time if good medical care is right at the 'doorstep'. The local/provincial government has to really think of the welfare of the people, not just for show, but for real.

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