05 September 2007

Rep. EV Nietes Avenue: A Centennial Tribute

This is the write-up on the bronze landmark at the entrance of the avenue:

To commemorate the birth centennial of Representative Emigdio Valdez Nietes, the Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista, Province of Antique, pursuant to its Resolution no. 103, series of 2001 and duly approved by Mayor Fernando C. Corvera, has named the entrance road of the San Jose Tradetown as: REPRESENTATIVE EMIGDIO V. NIETES AVENUE.

Emigdio V. Nietes represented the Lone District of Antique during the Third National Assembly from 1941 to 1946, and during the First Congress of the Republic of the Philippines from 1946 to 1949. He was appointed Judge of the Court of First Instance in Carigara, Leyte and later in Iloilo City, where he retired at the compulsory age of 70 years old.

The people of the municipality of San Jose de Buenavista are proud of the legacy that Representative and Judge Emigdio V. Nietes has left behind, that of an honest and simple man.

(He is my grandfather and I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet and know him. I value the wisdom of the elderly and he was one wise person, indeed. The memories of the time my siblings and I spent with him at home are still fresh and clear. He has influenced some of my convictions and I just wish that he is still alive now when I am already mature enough to converse and discuss things, life and other issues with him.)

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