17 September 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I sound like Timon (or is it Pumba?) in that Jungle Log game. Yes, everyday we make decisions. Whether they are big or small, they have repercussions the moment we make them. It is now September, and decisions have to be made where to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. Alas! in our institute the new administration has abolished the tradition of annual breaks during the Christmas and new year period. Instead we have to take annual leave. It is well for those regular staff and faculty because their leave credits were increased to 2.5 days/ month. But for us third class citizens in this institute, we are entitled to just 1 day/month. No change at all, despite the fact that the administration, er, that guy in that high place has assured that everyone will be treated equally. Does he know there are third class citizens among his minions? (am I being redundant here?) Uhuh ... It is funny (or maybe not) that this term they have a series of speakers and experts coming to talk on human rights. Bahhh! They should look at the labor situation on campus and see whether that famous phrase has been revised or redefined to suit them. But I am digressing here. Back to decisions ... gotta decide whether to go home or not come December. Now am counting my leave credits. Then my savings. Then gotta contact the travel agencies to get the best deal for flight tickets. But I hate to travel during that time coz it is holiday season, and everywhere it is crowded. And have to bring gifts. Repercussions? It will be a scraping-the-bottom-of-the-bag-and-nothing-is-left season. Back to zero come the new year! Well, a decision has to be made, soon if possible so tickets can be booked. Hopefully that 'soon' will be tomorrow. Oh well .....

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kawadjan said...

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